The Little Couple Fears: Son With Dwarfism Undergoing Major Surgery

Dr. Jen Arnold has taken care of patients for her entire career but when it is her own adopted son with Dwarfism who is having major surgery she is terrified of everything that could go wrong in this exclusive sneak peek obtained by of their hit reality show.

In the upcoming episode of The Little Couple, Jen and Bill Klein take little William  for his first surgery and the new parents are an emotional wreck, terrified for their son.

“My level of anxiety is very high now,” Jen says about the medical procedure Will is having.

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“My son, who I’ve only had for 3 months now, is about to undergo major surgery and I know what all the things that can go wrong are, so yeah, I’m completely freaked out inside.”

While she and Bill play with Will on his hospital bed, they’re masking their mounting fears.

“I’m definitely trying to hold it all together for him,” Jen explains of their stoic faces and forced cheer.

“Because the last thing for him is to see us freak out.  I knew this was going to be awful.”

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Breaking down as they wheel him to surgery, Jen says that is the worst part of the day.

“I hated seeing them take him away. That’s when I feel like I lost control.”

The season seven return of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and a strong episode performance by The Little Couple made TLC the #2 ad-supported cable network on the night among W25-54/18-49. TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting premiere was #1 in its ad-supported cable time period with W18-49/18-34 and #2 with W25-54 and The Little Couple ranked #2 in its ad-supported cable time period among W25-54/18-49.

The Little Couple airs Tuesday at 10/9c on TLC.

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