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‘Teen Mom’ War Explodes! Jenelle Evans Slams Alex Sekella, Calls Her The B Word

Jenelle Evans Alex Sekella PP

A Teen Mom war has exploded between Jenelle Evans and Alex Sekella with name calling, mudslinging and hurt feelings and has exclusive details about the vicious battle that is brewing.

A tweet sent by TM2 star Jenelle early Tuesday morning sparked the fire that has turned into a full blown war with TM3 star Alex.

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“I really really don’t like that Alex b*tch off #TeenMom3 but the rest of u ladies are awesome,” Jenelle’s tweet said, and the response was swift and nasty.

When a fan wrote that Jenelle was the “last person to judge anyone…I think Alex is a great mom,” Jenelle pointed out that she didn’t call Alex a bad mom.

“Never said she was a bad mom, just a b*tch that’s all.”

A source close to Jenelle told that the nasty tweets she gets are “hurtful” to the 21-year-old.

“Jenelle gets crap from people all day long on line. From strangers and people that used to be her friends and it never stops. It’s hurtful. She’s really trying to straighten things out with her life so that she can have Jace full time and she hates being called a bad mom. That’s why she didn’t call Alex a bad mom, just said she was a b*tch.”

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The fighting intensified on Twitter, with Alex’s mom weighing in on the issue, writing to Jenelle and threatening to have Briana DeJesus’ mom join the fray too.

“Missy you better leave my daughter alone don’t make me unleash @MTVRoxannne on you #backoff.”

Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, doesn’t have a Twitter account and couldn’t come to her daughter’s defense, but her boyfriend Nathan Griffith weighed in to Briana and Alex.

“We are working on that sweet heart thanks for your concern,” he wrote.

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