Elizabeth Berkley's Mom Defends Her Daughter From 'DWTS' Ringer Claims: 'They've All Danced Before!'

Elizabeth Berkley‘s mother Jere and father Fred have always nourished their daughter’s dancing dreams: entering her into classes at 5, creating a rehearsal space in their basement and shuttling her to 17 lessons a week.

But despite their first-hand knowledge of the new Dancing with the Stars contestant’s 36 years of dance training, Elizabeth’s mom is speaking out exclusively to RadarOnline.com to say that her daughter has no advantage going into the competition, and that the haters should drop it.

“Oh honey, they’ve all danced if you take a look at it,” Jere Berkley says of Elizabeth’s fellow competitors.

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Indeed, Twitter critics have also called out trained dancer Corbin Bleu and pop star Christina Milianas Radar reported.

And Jere believes that the voices of Elizabeth’s fans drown out those of her haters.

“I don’t think everybody is even saying that [she’s a ringer] anyways,” Jere insists. “But I really can’t talk about it. I’m not a publicist!”

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Regardless, she’ll definitely be tuning in when the show premieres on Monday, September 16.

She tells Radar, “I am excited!”

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