'You're A Chicken!' Casey Anthony's Mom Clashes With Woman At A SECOND Yard Sale

The mother of exonerated ‘Tot Mom’ Casey Anthony stormed a woman at another Anthony-family garage sale — at a prior garage sale they appeared to be selling off their dead granddaughter’s toys and clothes — and the whole debacle has been caught on cellphone footage!

The alleged victim, Florida resident Christina Werner, filed a police report against Cindy Anthony in which she claims she was assaulted by the notorious grandmother, who she said “made contact with her arm,” causing minor scratches.

“Don’t do it…because I will sue your ass,” Cindy can be heard yelling at the woman, as she pulls up curbside at the Mount Dora, Fla. home.

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“Come on,” Werner responded. “I’m on a public roadway. Show your ass.”

At that point, Cindy approaches the vehicle.

“How dare you,” Cindy said, repeating the phrase three times at Werner.

“Touch me…do it,” the woman taunted.

The pair then appear to clash, although the video does not clearly show whether Cindy hit Werner.

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As she sped off, Cindy can be heard yelling: “You’re a chicken!”

After the incident Werner drove to a Steak ‘n Shake where police responded to her call and while the initial report resulted in no charges being filed, Werner exclusively tells Radar the case is still open.

“Currently the case is an open case at the State Attorneys Office. The officer who stated the case was closed was not aware that is was not,” she claims during an interview with Radar.

“Cindy Anthony is currently looking at one misdemeanor and one felony as it stands right now.”

According to Werner, the original police report (which you can see here) was not an accurate reflection of her statement, and she believes the video footage speaks for itself:

“If you watch the video from the beginning, you hear me say ‘Here they go again’ or something like that. [‘Here we go again, y’all…they’re at it again,’ she said] I said that to myself, I am very far from the house, at that point, and also my window is up at that point! You can HEAR me roll down my window as I am approaching the house,” Werner said.

There was already bad blood between the pair, before this incident.

Werner previously attended another yard sale Cindy and her husband George were throwing in which they were selling off items believed to have belonged to Caylee Anthony — a sale that was captured on cellphone video and published exclusively on Radar.

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Although Werner admitted she drove past the garage sale to get video footage, she claims her intent wasn’t to antagonize Cindy.

“Cindy Anthony and how she truly behaves and conducts herself is appalling,” she says.

“She can’t control herself when she is angry, that is why George Anthony is always so quiet.”

In the meantime, the Anthonys are looking into filing a civil lawsuit against Werner for videotaping them at the garage sale without their knowledge.

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