'Real-Life' Michael Scott Riles Staff As He Signs Off Layoffs Email With Details Of Vacation Plans

A flippant British council boss has evoked comparisons to the The Office boss “Michael Scott” after having a major WTF moment — all in writing.

Terry Dunn, the director of environment at Wigan Council, sent an email to hundreds of employees in his department about looming cutbacks, before ending the missive with a description of how he was looking forward to wedding, vacation and a music concert!

In his “good news ­ bad news” group message to employees, which could have been a scene straight out of the NBC sitcom, Dunn told staff: “We are now consulting on the final stage of our restructure and you may or may not be directly impacted upon. If you are involved I can fully appreciate the concerns you will have and just ask for your patience.”

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A few lines later, he shared news on “the home front”.

The light-headed boss said he was looking forward to a “punk rock festival in Blackpool this Friday”, before reminding staff of his wedding six weeks away, “followed by two weeks in Fuerteventura!! Can’t wait.”

He wrote: “Off to a punk rock festival in Blackpool this Friday. The Damned, Stiff Little Fingers and the Buzzcocks are amongst the acts playing so those old enough may remember them. I am really looking forward to it as it forms a big part of my past.

“Wedding 6 weeks this Saturday followed by 2 weeks in Fuerteventura!! Can’t wait. Speak soon and take care.”

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Not surprisingly, staff were disgruntled, leading to a union boss lashing out at Dunn: “He probably meant it well but has underestimated the impact of these changes on his staff.”

Kevan Nelson added, “I recognize there is a style of management where you don’t want to appear overly autocratic, but talking about your plans when people’s livelihoods are in the balance is not a good idea.”

Dunn’s dunce moment is just the type of behavior we’d expect from Michael Scott, Steve Carrell’s character (based off David Brent, played by Ricky Gervais, at the paperdistribution company Dunder Mifflin!

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