Not So Fabulicious! Business Partner Reveals He’s Considering FIRING Teresa Giudice In Wake Of Fraud Charges

What indictment? Teresa Giudice was all smiles on Wednesday night at an awards ceremony for the haircare brand she endorses, Milania Haircare.

“Life goes on,” she said at the event.

But that haircare endorsement might not! The owner and CEO of the company tells exclusively that they are shocked to find out about what Teresa’s been allegedly hiding from them — and now they’re considering firing her.

“This has been a surprising and shocking week for us,” Jerel James Sabella, the owner and CEO of Youthful8, The Milania Collection, tells Radar.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband Joe were indicted on 39 counts of financial fraud on Monday and are currently out on $500,00 bail.

Now that the allegations are out there, Sabella says, “I will be meeting with Teresa within the next few days to better understand the impact the pending trial will have on her, her family and specifically our brand. Based on that discussion, we will determine the next steps for The Milania Collection and whether she is the right person to continue to endorse the brand.”

So far, “The product line has been met with great success since its launch earlier this year,” Sabella explains.

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And no matter what decision the company makes, he says: “Obviously this is a difficult time for the Giudice family and the team at Youthful8 and I wish them the very best.”

The distributor of one of Teresa’s other products, Fabellini wine, previously told that they are standing by her no matter what, insisting “She’s gonna be a winner!”

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