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He's A Hypocrite, Sleaze & Woman Hater: Ex-'Tough Love' Cast Member Leilani Dowding Blasts VH1 Matchmaker Steve Ward For Allegedly Promising Call Girl A Spot On The Show For Sex

FameFlynet/Getty Images

On Wednesday night, VH1 premiered the sixth season of Tough Love, featuring matchmaker Steve Ward doling out advice and insults to a new cast of singles looking for a match.

But now that a man identified as Steve, 32, has been captured on audio tape offering a call girl a spot on his show for sex, a former cast member is speaking out exclusively to RadarOnline.com to blast him as “a hypocrite” and “woman hater.”

“I always thought Steve was a hypocrite and a sleaze and this just proves it to me!” Tough Love Miami star Leilani Dowding tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“I think he’s a hypocrite and I saw through him straight from day one!”

Shock Claim: VH1 Matchmaker Steve Ward Caught On Secret Audio Recording Promising Call Girl A Spot On ‘Tough Love’ — In Exchange For Sex

Leilani, who now runs a super-successful clothing line, Leiluna Collection, claims that she never even met Steve until the cameras were rolling.

And when she did, it was hardly love at first sight — or even like.

“When he first came out he was really mean,” she says. “I didn’t like him at all. … It actually got worse throughout the show. Him and i got into some huge fights.”

And now she says, she knows why the didn’t click. “I think I just saw straight through him and he knew it,” she says. “He almost seems to be like a woman hater. He projects his own beliefs onto women. He was so mean to me, and I was like, he’s projecting his own stuff.”

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“That’s why I couldn’t listen to what he said and I would fight with him every second of the day,” she explains. “Every time he’d say something, I was like ‘Oh my god.'”

“But clearly, he doesn’t apply what he says [to his clients] to himself,” she says. “And I’m still single [after his bootcamp] so it shows he’s full of cr*p!”

With Steve’s show still on the air — despite the fact that the man identified by our source as Steve bashed his VH1 bosses in the audio sex tape — Leilani says that his hypocrisy is finally exposed for the entire world to see. “Let’s just see what kind of advice he’s trying to give women when he’s like the biggest sleaze ever,” she says. “I knew [he was a hypocrite] all along. I just got this bad vibe from him. I was right!”