Biting The Hand That Feeds Him! Ungrateful VH1 Reality Star Steve Ward Bashes The 'Garbage' Channel, Blames Network Execs For Low Ratings

In the volatile world of reality television, Steve Ward has managed to make a home on VH1 for four years. But behind the scenes, he’s secretly slamming the channel that made him a star.

In a secret audio recording, a man identified as Ward, 32, calls the network’s other shows “garbage” and blames executives for his own show’s dismal ratings.

“I’m gonna be very honest with you,” the man is heard telling a high-priced call girl in the clip. “I don’t care how well the show does. It makes no difference to me. What I care about is that it gets renewed. Over and over and over.”

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“How many people watch? It’s not on me,” he continues.

“It’s based on promotions, advertising, marketing, publicity. Either the network’s going to spend the money, or they aren’t. Either they’re going to spend the money in off-channel marketing or they’re not… If my show was promoted on Bravo, Lifetime, and people didn’t have a bias against VH1 because of all the garbage they put on, yeah I’d get ratings as high as Jersey f*****g Shore. But they’re not gonna spend the money to promote the show.”

Comparing his show’s $5 million budget to the rumored $30 million budget for Eva Longoria‘s ill-fated reality show Ready for Love, he said: “Where do you spend five times the money? Sets. Exotic locations. There’s ways to spend that kind of money, and then they’ll promote the sh*t out of it because they’ve already spent that much money. VH1 doesn’t do that.”

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Steve then went on to have sex with the woman, as has reported, after hatching a deal in exchange to get her on his program.

The sixth season of Tough Love is set to debut Wednesday night at 10 pm. VH1 did not respond to multiple requests for comment about their host’s behavior.

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