It's The Bomb — Literally! Lindsay Lohan's The Canyons Plummets To $30K TOTAL In Its' Second Weekend

So how is Lindsay Lohan‘s new movie The Canyons doing at the box office? Let’s just say Avatar has nothing to worry about.

Already in its’ second week of release, the IFC Films release starring the tabloid queen and porn star James Deen, racked up a pitiful total of $30,100 in box office receipts, and fell 28 percent from its’ first week total in its’ second week of release. (In comparison, her biggest hit, 2004’s Mean Girls, has made $86,058,055 to date.)

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While it’s gotten plenty of buzz and publicity off LiLo’s coattails, reviews about the sex-laden film have been awful, stalling the much-rehabbed actress’ career comeback.

The Canyons is in select theaters, as well as on VOD and iTunes.

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