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Jenelle Evans Slammed For Broken Thumb Story, Critics Attack Her Excuse

Jenelle Evans PP

Jenelle Evans is under attack after sharing that she woke up with a broken thumb, with people slamming her for lying about how she got the injury and blaming her injury on too much booze.

The troubled Teen Mom was strangely silent on social media on Thursday night causing a firestorm of speculation about her whereabouts, from drinking to doing drugs.

However, Jenelle, 21, Tweeted the reason she was off-line, saying she fell asleep at 5 pm and “Woke up with a broken thumb.”

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She said that the broken thumb was an accident, claiming that she didn’t know what happened and that her boyfriend filled her in, telling her, “No Nathan said I fell off the bed earlier lol I don’t remember.”

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But that didn’t stop strangers from ripping her online.

“Thumb looks real broken,” one person wrote.

“Passed out from being drunk at 5 pm. There’s a difference,” another person Tweeted to her, and another wrote “Its called a blackout. Grab those NA tags and pray.”

Jenelle recently spent 48 hours in jail after failing a random drug test in court after testing positive for marijuana.

She seems to have bounced back from the injured hand, showing off pictures of her morning messy hair with no sign of a cast on either thumb.

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