How They Did It: Federal Documents Show How Scammers Allegedly Stole Thousands From Kris Jenner

Just how did an unemployed 19-year-old scam Kris Jenner out of more than $70,000?

Stealing the momager’s identity and money was almost easy for Florida teen Luis Flores and his accomplice, Kyah Green, according to newly released federal documents exclusively obtained by — but they didn’t get away with the scheme for long: Twelve days after the duo’s August 8 arrest, Radar can reveal new details about the cyber scam.

On May 19, 2013, American Express received a call from someone claiming to be Kim Kardashian, AmEx investigator Kristin Kenerson told the feds. After providing Kim’s personal identification information and answering security questions, the caller accessed her account and changed the primary social security number on the account to Flores’ number.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: See The Official Criminal Complaint Here

The caller also allegedly changed the address on the account to Flores and Green’s apartment in Lake Mary, Florida. They then requested a replacement card, which was shipped overnight to Florida. The next day, two additional emergency replacement cards were ordered — one for Kim and another for Kris, which was obtained in the same manner as Kim’s. On May 22, Flores signed for all three.

While it’s unclear if Flores and Green ever made withdrawals from Kim’s account, Kris’ was certainly hit.

During a June 26 raid of Flores and Green’s apartment, police found several statements from SunTrust bank showing wire transfers from Kris’ American Express account: One for $65,000 showed up on a March/April 2013 statement, the other for $6,251.99 showed up on the May/June 2013 statement.

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Apart from one deposit of $2,000 from Green, those transfers were the only money in the account. The duo allegedly made several cash withdrawals after transferring the money, which they circled in blue ink on the statements.

SunTrust Bank also provided authorities with 11 separate video surveillance tapes showing Green withdrawing money from the account at various ATM machines.

Cops interrogated Green and Flores on June 26 after finding a “voluminous” amount of evidence implicating them in the crime, the docs state.

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But even after facing down the cops and having his apartment searched, Flores wasn’t done trying to take down Kris.

On July 11, the documents claim, he called American Express and provided the call center with Jenner’s social security number and full name, identifying himself as the primary card holder. But investigators had flagged activity on the account as suspicious and added new levels of security, including a PIN number. When the call taker asked him for it, Flores hung up the phone.

Flores and Green were arrested on August 7. Green was released without bail, but Flores remains in prison at Orlando’s Seminole County Jail as of Tuesday morning, waiting to face arraignment.

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