Heather Dubrow Mocked By Good Day LA Host, He Says RHOC Is ‘Not A Slice Of Life’

Heather Dubrow has a really good sense of humor because she showed up for another round of serious mocking by Good Day LA host Steve Edwards on Monday morning and RadarOnline.com has the video of him relentlessly insulting her.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star and Steve are old friends so she weathered his constant teasing with a wry smile.

“Every time I catch the show invariably there is a moment where you have your arms crossed and you’re looking at a blonde woman in disgust and contempt and saying ‘You didn’t support me’ and she say ‘You didn’t support me.’ Every time I turn it on somebody’s crying!”

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Heather tried to explain why people love her show, but Steve wasn’t buying her story.

“The truth is it’s a slice of life,” she said, to which Steve immediately dismissed.

“It’s not a slice of life!” he exclaimed, but Heather wouldn’t back down.

“It is! It’s a slice of life of that life. It’s entertaining. It takes people out of their lives.”

Questioning brunette Heather, Steve asks her: “Is it wrong that everybody looks the same except you?”

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She says “that’s why I’m different and on the show.”

Heather is married to plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow and Steve mocks him too.

“Terry comes from a long line of reality television, with the Swan and Bridalplasty,” she says.

“What does that say about your husband?” Steve asks and when she gets the joke and asks him if it isn’t very prestigious he emphatically says: “No, It doesn’t sound prestigious.”

Check out Steve and Heather sending zingers at each other from Good Day LA, which airs daily from 7-10am on KTTV FOX 11.

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