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Revenge! Chicago Blackhawks Fans Get Back At Justin Bieber With Dirty Diss

Beliebers don’t have anything on Chicago Blackhawks fans.

Followers of the NHL champions were livid when Justin Bieber stepped on the Blackhawks logo and even touched the Stanley Cup during a visit to their locker room earlier this summer. When told that his actions were considered a grave insult, Justin reportedly apologized to the team’s PR gurus, but that wasn’t enough for some fans.

So, as RadarOnline.com has learned, they decided to get back at Bieber by stepping on his face — or, rather, a giant Bieber-head cut-out, complete with Bieber bangs!

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Chris Wilkerson, Mark Wegener and Josh Kaye of Des Plaines brought the ersatz Biebs to the Blackhawks fan convention in Chicago on July 27 for a taste of his own medicine.

“We don’t appreciate bandwagoners,” the gang told Yahoo Sports in an email. “When we saw Justin Bieber not only stand on the logo, but touch the cup as well, we were astonished.”

Throughout the day, they took 100 pictures of Bieber under the cup, being used as a foot rest, and even under a Zamboni.

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“To be honest, it started as a joke of revenge , but it’s transpired into what we feel is Blackhawk pride, and more so Chicago pride,” they wrote. “It’s all in good fun; we’re not hate mongers.”

Even though the convention has ended, the campaign continues on Twitter under the hashtag #standonbieber, which fans are trying to get trending. Check out some of their posts: