'Teen Mom 3' Star Alexandria Sekella Continues Fight With Baby Daddy, Now Claims To Have Filed For Protection Order

Teen Mom 3 star Alexandria Sekella seems to have it out for Matthew McCann, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Arabella.

After Alex publically accused Matt and his girlfriend, Lekota Koch, of dealing drugs — claims they’ve denied — Alex is now trying to eliminate all contact that Matt has with her and his daughter.

On July 19, Alex took to Twitter to say that she was granted a PFA — a Protection from Abuse order that protects an individual from harm caused by a family member, parent of a child, or lover — against Matt.

But Matt’s girlfriend, Lekota, tells RadarOnline.com that it’s simply not true.

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“From my understanding what a PFA is, there has to be some form of domestic abuse or fear of domestic abuse,” Lekota says. “They don’t live together. They have no contact whatsoever. There’s no way that she could have gotten a PFA because there is no contact between them. She has no proof that he has threatened her. “

Alex claims that the order lasts a year, but Lekota says it doesn’t work like that.

“In order to get a PFA that lasts a year, like she’s trying to say, she would have to take him to court,” Lekota explains. “And then they wouldn’t be able to say the PFA lasts a year until the judge decided when they were both in court.”

And Matt hasn’t been in court.

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“Yesterday she could have gotten a 24 hour PFA for emergencies only,” Lekota says. “But she would have to prove that she was in immediate danger, which we didn’t have any contact yesterday so she couldn’t have proved that.”

Lekota and Matt have no clue why Alex is coming after them.

“Honestly I don’t know,” she says. “I would love to ask her but I’m not allowed to have contact with her. I’m not allowed to directly speak to her, so I don’t know. I am flabbergasted. I don’t understand where this whole PFA came from. It just makes no sense.”

If Alex was granted a PFA, Lekota and Matt have not been officially notified of its existence other than by Alex tweeting that she got one.

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“Matt is just trying to find out to the best of his ability if it’s true,” Lekota says.

Matt and Lekota are confused by the whole situation and don’t understand Alex’s motives for causing this drama.

“We don’t have contact with her,” Lekota insists. “Matt doesn’t talk to her. There’s no need for a PFA.

“From my understanding, if she takes him to court, he is going to fight for his rights,” Lekota adds. “He doesn’t want that to happen.”

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