Justin Who? Selena Gomez Bans Bieber Questions As She Promotes Breakup Ballad

For Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber is the one who shall not be named.

Although the couple are back onat least of July 4 — Selena has reportedly banned journalists from mentioning his name as she promotes her new single, breakup ballad, Love Will Remember.

Vinay Menon of The Toronto Star claims that he received multiple anti-Bieber warnings from Selena’s flacks before a recent interview.

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“Just want to stress again how important it is to not ask any Bieber questions or anything even relating to relationships,” one message about her on-off boyfriend read.

“The message was similar to the one [the publicist] had emailed the night before,” he claims. “It was written with a declarative pay-attention-dummy urgency, the kind often favored by despots in fear of an uprising.”

“The CIA might consider retaining the Selena Gomez PR machine for all future operations in dance zones,” Menon says.

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Selena’s Bieber ban is all the more surprising considering that her new single, Love Will Remember, is reportedly about him. Opening with a sappy voicemail from a male that sounds suspiciously like Justin — but, according to reports, is NOT — the track “is the most personal track on the record, for sure,” Gomez has said.

Watch the lyric video here:

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