Mariah Carey Sparks Controversy With Illegal Fireworks

Mariah Carey broke the law big time on the 4th of July and has the photograph to prove it!

Mayor Bloomberg is going to be very angry when he sees the photo Mariah shared while holding a sparkler because those fireworks are illegal in the Big Apple!

Mimi posed provocatively in a pair of short white shorts and a red bikini top holding the sparkler in her right hand on the rooftop of a city building with the Empire State Building in the background.

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Sparklers are illegal in the state of New York (and New Jersey, too) as Tom Murro pointed out to Radar and the Mayor has actively campaigned against legalizing the fireworks.

There is a bill in the state legislature to allow sparklers to be sold in various times throughout the year, but as of the evening of July 4th, Mariah was breaking the law!

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