'Breaking Amish' Star: 'I Want Out So I Can Date & Have Sex!'

The controversial show Breaking Amish is back and one young star is hoping to leave his conservative community so he can do what other young people want to do – date and have sex!

In an exclusive sneak peek obtained by RadarOnline.com 21-year-old Devon explains that he is from a strict Amish family and they follow their rules of their faith, but he wants out.

“I just think the Amish way of dating is a little bit outdated,” he says.

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“When I get into the English world I just want to meet some girls.”

Devon says the religion has serious guidelines for sex, even after marriage.

“After you get married Amish, just to show they’re not marrying just to have sex you have to wait six days until you can have sex. I probably wouldn’t wait six hours,” he admits.

Will Devon be able to break out of the Amish community and date girls? Check out Breaking Amish on TLC Sunday, July 21 at 10/9c.

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