'Breaking Amish' Fight: 'The Devil Has Taken Possession Of Your Mind'

The young stars of Breaking Amish have moved away from their conservative communities but Lizzie’s past is clashing with her new world when her devout brother shows up unannounced and rants that “the devil has taken possession” of her mind after he sees how she is living.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode obtained by RadarOnline.com Samuel barges into the home and attacks his sister.

“I see the guys sitting with Lizzie and that is definitely against the Amish rules ,” he claims.

“You are living in a house with two men. You are bringing shame on our family,” Samuel yells at her in Dutch.

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Then he begins shouting at Devon, accusing him and asking: “Are you sleeping with my sister?”

As Lizzie tries to stop the fight from escalating, Samuel screams at his sister that she has completely turned on her faith.

“The devil has taken possession of your mind,” he yells at her.

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Watch as Samuel tries to drag his sister back into their conservative family. Breaking Amish airs on TLC Sunday at 10/9c.

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