‘Teen Mom 3′ Star Alexandria Sekella Reveals That Her ‘Hateful’ Baby Daddy Is Not Part Of Their Daughter’s Life

Teen Mom 3 star Alexandria Sekella may have had a baby with Matthew McCann, but now that they are no longer together, she does not respect him.

“Matt’s a fake person he will act and do anything to make someone like him it’s a shame but that’s who he is,” Alex says in an online forum. “I’ve known matt for 6 years I know his personality inside an out n if he’s so great why won’t he show up to any visitation or call his daughter to check up?”

According to Alex, Matt hasn’t seen Arabella since March 2012.

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“It¹s his choice that he doesn’t pay attention to belli,” Alex says.

Matt isn¹t even around when it comes to Arabella’s birthday, which is only six days away.

“Matt’s hasnt contacted me Bout her birthday,” Alex admits.

Plus, Matt doesn’t pay child support, and Alex claims that it’s a “waste of time n money” to try to change that situation.

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Instead, Alex would “rather him [be] permanently” removed from Arabella’s life.

“He is already removed,” Alex says, “Matt is stupid and hateful person… he’s not my problem anymore.”

But Alex does say that she may let Arabella meet Matt one day when she is older, but only “if we can find him then” that is.

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