Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Villa Blanca Under Fire: Customer Says She Had Cardboard In Her Salad TWICE

A disgruntled diner at Lisa Vanderpump’s star studded restaurant Villa Blanca had a food experience so terrible last week that she’s vowed never to go back again after finding cardboard in her salad twice and has an exclusive photo of the salad and all the details.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s restaurant is no stranger to controversy, but the customer says she certainly didn’t order the cardboard that showed up in their salad.

Villa Blanca had 10 violations on their last Los Angeles County Health Department inspection that was conducted on 2/26/2013 according to their website.

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The violations include disrepair, non-food contact surfaces – not clean (minor) and wiping cloths – not clean/inadequate sanitizer/storage. The restaurant has a 90 rating which is an A.

“I ordered a salad and noticed after a few bites that there was a piece of cardboard buried in the salad, covered with dressing,” the customer told

“I immediately told the waiter who took the dish and promptly returned the salad to the kitchen.  When they brought the second salad out I was completely shocked when I started to eat it and found ANOTHER piece of cardboard in the second salad!”

PHOTOS: Stars’ Most Embarassing Moments has an exclusive photo the customer says is their Villa Blanca lobster and crab salad with the piece of cardboard cover with dressing mixed into the salad taken on Friday, May 24 during their lunch.

“I tried to be understanding about the first piece of cardboard,” she said. “But when the second one came out and had another piece of cardboard in it I was done. My two other guests and I did not finish our meals, we were disgusted.”

The diner told that the restaurant did comp their entire meal and even gave them complimentary glasses of wine.

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The diner also told that while Lisa’s husband Ken Todd was in the restaurant he did not come over to the table to speak with them or apologize.

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