Lance Bass: I Get Death Threats From Homophobes Everyday

Speaking on The View Friday, former ‘N Sync singer Lance Bass dished details of his discussion with openly-gay NBA player Jason Collins before the basketball pro came out this week, and said that since his publicly revealing his own sexuality seven years ago, he’s received death threats everyday.

“I get it everyday,” said Lance, who’s been seen in films such as Tropic Thunder and Zoolander. “There’s a lot of idiots out there. Everyday, I get a tweet [that reads,] ‘You’re going to hell, God hates f**s.'”

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The Laurel, Mississippi native, who was Justin Timberlake‘s bandmate in ‘N Sync, said he and Collins connected through a mutual fiend, and that he could relate to certain aspects of Jason’s situation.

“I wasn’t in a sport, but basically ‘N Sync was a sport: There were four other guys, you had your team, you were protecting your team.”

Lance, 33, said he told the veteran center to “be yourself, [as] the world’s gonna love you anyway.

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“And don’t look at the negative.”

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