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Now That’s Dreamy! Patrick Dempsey Shows Off His Chiseled Bod While Boating With Family

There’s a good reason why Patrick Dempsey‘s  Grey’s Anatomy  character has always been known as McDreamy.

The actor showed off his chiseled body while yachting with his family, where he was also spotted carefully applying sunscreen to his wife, Jillian, and snorkeling with his kids.

PHOTOS: Patrick Dempsey Shows Off His Hard Body While Boating With His Family

Dempsey and family are vacationing in the Caribbean where they chartered a private yacht.

And while Dempsey didn’t say that java is how he stays in such fantastic shape, the new owner of Tully’s recently told Bon Appetit that he does drink five cups of coffee every day!

PHOTOS: Patrick Dempsey In Hawaii

Dempsey and company will be back for their 10th seasons of Grey’s this fall.