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Amanda Bynes Tweets ‘Selfies’ In Revealing Lace Bra, Says She Needs To Lose Weight

Amanda Bynes took a break (briefly) from her obsessive tweeting about Drake to post a few provocative ‘selfies’ showing herself in a lacy bra on Twitter Tuesday.

The former star of The Amanda Show, 27, included a caption with one of the photos: “About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I’ve gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!”

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Several hours after posting the racy photos of herself, Bynes was back on Twitter early Wednesday and turned her attention back to her celeb crush Drake and posted a picture of the Canadian singer/actor with the simple caption: “Gorgeous”


As we previously reported, Bynes has been living the high life in New York City, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that she has total access to all of her money despite her erratic behavior.

“While Amanda was growing up her parents and lawyers controlled all of her money, they put it away in investments so that she would be able to have it when she got older,” a source close to the troubled star told RadarOnline.com.

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“Amanda made a lot of money starting with Nickelodeon and then other TV shows and movies, but she lived like a regular girl when she was young. However, a few months ago she demanded that she have complete access to all of the money so she could spend it, not save it anymore.”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Amanda bragged that she has “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen money,” but in reality she is worth only about $5-6 million.

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“Amanda knows she has a lot of money. Before she wasn’t restricted from getting to it, but a lot of it was tied up in investments and banked for her future, but she insisted that she be able to use all of it as she sees fit and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her from spending it all.”

The troubled starlet been wandering aimlessly around NYC, doing bizarre things like shaving half of her head and staying up all night tweeting, but the source said her spending habits are in a free-fall.

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“Amanda can do whatever she wants for a while with all of her money but it isn’t going to last forever if she spends the way she has been lately. She’s rich but she could find herself in financial trouble pretty soon.”