Amanda Bynes Starts Twitter War With Rihanna, ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough!’

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Amanda Bynes‘ bizarre Twitter rants may have reached a new level of craziness Sunday when the former actress inexplicably went on the attack against Rihanna  .

“@rihanna Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough,” was Bynes’ opening salvo.

She followed up with “@riahanna no one wants to be your lover so you call everyone and their mother that I almost named my dog Rihanna.”

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Rihanna took the high road – well, sort of — with her response, tweeting  “Ya see what happens when they cancel intervention?”

That just caused Bynes to go into overdrive, replying:

“@rihanna unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren’t pretty u know it!”

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What set Bynes off to start with is a mystery like most of what’s going on with the fallen Hollywood star.

She did, however, have the good sense to subsequently delete the offensive tweets.

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