Rob Lowe Takes To The Skies In Jetpack Stunt

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Rob Lowe with a water-propelled jetpack!

The actor looked like a real life superhero when he was snapped soaring over the ocean with the aid of the daredevil gadget.

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With a smile plastered across his face the Parks and Recreation hunk donned a wetsuit, crash helmet and Jetlev Southewest jetpack to take flight in Newport Beach, Ca.

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The adventure was one of Lowe’s Los Angeles pick for his new gig as curator and partner with  – a daily lifestyle email for men.

“The reason I wanted to join up with Insidehook and help them curate is I’m busy,” he said in an interview on the website. “I’ve got kids that take up a lot of my time; a wife, my job – like so many other guys. And to have a lifestyle concierge service that tells you things you might not otherwise know about? It’s just a great thing for me.”

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He joins his pal Ed Burns who is also a curator for the site’s daily newsletter.

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