Convicted Felon And Lifestyle Guru Seeks Single Male! Martha Stewart Almost Signed Up For

She is one of the richest and most powerful women in media but when it comes to the search for love Martha Stewart is just like the rest of us — as she revealed she nearly joined one of the most popular dating websites in the world!

The ridiculously rich magazine publisher, lifestyle guru and author appeared on the TODAY show on Friday, where she told Matt Lauer that she nearly joined after her relationship ended a few years ago – and has the details.

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“I had a longtime boyfriend,” the 71-year-old explained to Lauer about her romantic life. “That ended a couple of years ago and I haven’t found the next Mr. Right.

Lauer then asked Stewart is she likes dating.

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“I love it,” she admitted, shocking the TODAY host with her response.

“I was even thinking about going on,” she continued, admitting to Lauer that she was going to use her real name instead of an alias.

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However, after starting the application process, she got cold feet. (No word if Martha was going to mention her prison stint on her profile or save that for first-date chatter!)

“I tried filling out the application, but I started to laugh halfway down the page. It was impossible.”

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