Injured College Hoopster Kevin Ware Jokingly Presents David Letterman's Top Ten

University of Louisville point guard Kevin Ware, who broke his leg during his team’s Midwest Regional final against Duke last week, presented David Letterman‘s Top Ten List Thursday, detailing the ten thoughts that ran through his mind, as the gruesome injury to his right tibia occurred.

They were…

10. “What was that loud cracking sound?”
9. “I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise.”
8. “Hey look, my tibia!”
7. “Ouch.”
6. “Did it go in?”
5. “Oh boy, hospital food.”
4. “Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in.”
3. “They fired Leno?”
2. “Heat then ice? Or ice then heat?”
1. “At least my bracket’s not busted.”

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The 6-foot-2 sophomore, who appeared via satellite from Atlanta, where his team is competing in the Final Four, said he hasn’t — and won’t — watch the footage of his injury.

Ware said his first thoughts in the wake of the injury were not of himself, but his mother.

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“I know she freaks out over the littlest things,” Ware said. “I called her and made sure she was all right.”

“We’re talking about a snapped tibia that actually protruded through the skin!” Letterman said. “How about that for a kid? Kevin Ware!”

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Ware told Letterman he didn’t feel any pain at the time of the incident, and should be ready to play next season.

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