Cheers To An Intoxicating Fashion Accessory – Boxed Wine Designed As High-End Handbags!

Lindsay Lohan may already have one in every color (err, flavor), but the hosts of Bravo’s catty new chat-fest Fashion Queens swear this a trend worth toasting. We’re talking about boxed wine designed as high-end handbags, the ultimate accessory for, um, for who knows?!

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s outrageous male divas – Miss Lawrence and Derek J, along with the show’s main host Bevy Smith – love the fact that the tacky, yet practical purses are a great way to avoid spending so much money on over-priced drinks at the club.

Just don’t get caught by the bouncer!

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The cardboard couture line for your wine-on-the-go excursions is stylishly designed by the Swedish company Vernissage which uses French wine from Vin de Pays d’Oc.

The wino handbags — the spout is cleverly located in the corner of the bag — is available in a Syrah/cabernet blend, a chardonnay/viognier and a rose.

So ditch your old-fashioned flask the next time you want transport your booze in style!

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