Inside Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Victory: Kris Humphries Realized He Had ‘Zero Chance’ Of Proving Fraud Claim

The reason Kris Humphries surrendered and decided to settle his contentious divorce battle with Kim Kardashian was because he came to the realization that the whole melodrama was a “sh*t sandwich,” a source close to the 28-year-old told

The Brooklyn Nets power forward finally realized he had “zero chance” of proving their marriage was a fraud and also feared the trial could have disrupted his team’s quest to win the NBA championship.

“Kris didn’t want the team impacted by his personal life,” a source close to Kardashian’s husband of 72 days told

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“If the Nets advanced in the playoffs, the trial would have taken place during the games and basketball comes first for Kris.

“He also realized that he didn’t have a chance in hell of proving that Kim defrauded him. In the end, his lawyers were able to finally make him recognize that not only would he be missing out on the playoffs with the Nets, but would likely be ordered to pay Kim’s legal fees.

“Kris recognized it was a sh*t sandwich and chose to settle.”

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The Nets begin their Eastern Conference playoffs against the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night.

As we previously reported, a Los Angeles judge approved a divorce settlement between the pair on Friday morning.

Despite some reports that Kim and Kris had officially divorced, that’s not the case, a source revealed.

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The insider said: “The settlement agreement hasn’t even been drawn up yet.

Judge (Hank) Goldberg will be presented with the settlement once both Kim and Kris sign off on it. Then, he must add his signature. Only then will the divorce be final.”

The settlement agreement must be submitted to the court no later than June 19, the insider added.

Kim and Kris were married in a lavish television wedding at a Montecito, Calif. estate in August 2011, but after just 72 days of wedding “bliss,” the E! star filed for divorce in October, 2011.

She is currently pregnant with rapper Kanye West’s child.

UPDATE: 12:40 p.m. PT: A rep for Humphries has told — “Kris and his family are excited to move forward and are grateful for all of the support they have received in this process. His commitment to the Brooklyn Nets and the team’s incredible fans is his number one priority and he is excited to head into the playoffs tomorrow with this situation behind him.”

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