New Crime Scene Photos: Inside The Bloody Shower Where Jodi Arias Killed Travis Alexander

In powerful crime scene photos, a large pool of blood can be seen in the shower where Jodi Arias stabbed Travis Alexander 29 times, before slitting his throat from ear-to-ear and shooting him to death – and has the newly released graphic images.

The photographs – first obtained by HLN’s Nancy Grace – also show how Arias, then 28, used a plastic glass in a desperate attempt to clean up Alexander’s blood by pouring water on his corpse after the violent death on June 4, 2008.

She later fled the crime scene in her rental car and went on a road trip to Utah, ditching one of the murder weapons, a gun, in the desert along the way.

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: New Crime Scene Images Revealed In Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Arias claims she killed Alexander in self defense.

“I was in the bathroom. I remember dropping the knife,” Arias, 32, testified in the Maricopa County Courtroom in Phoenix, Ariz. during the trial in February.

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“It clanged to the tile and made a big noise. I just remember screaming and I don’t remember anything after that — not immediately.

“I was scared,” she also testified.

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“I couldn’t imagine calling 911 and telling them what I had just done. I was scared of what would happen to me.”

Instead, Arias hit the road and drove straight into the arms – and the bed – of Pre–Paid Legal employee Ryan Burns to use him as an unwitting alibi, as Alexander’s body decomposed in his own house.

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The trial continues. Be sure to stick with for regular updates and a gavel-to-gavel live-stream each day.

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