Someone Call Underdog! Woman Steals Puppy At Pet Shop By Stuffing It In Her Purse

Here’s hoping SHE gets collared and put in the pound!

A woman brazenly stole a pricey puppy from a pet store in Orlando, Florida and stuffed it into her purse — fortunately, it was all caught on surveillance video so hopefully someone will recognize the dog-napping thief.

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In the 29-second video, we see the sneaky woman walking around the Just Puppies store around 12:40 p.m. on February 19.

The thief — who was accompanied by a little boy in the store — first holds one puppy, and then, when store employees are not watching her, she reaches into a pen and picks up another one — a tiny Bichon, who was only a few weeks old.

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She then puts the other pup back into its pen, before callously slipping the Bichon into her purse.

Unfortunately, store employees didn’t notice the dog was missing until sometime later.

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“I hope whoever has the puppy is taking good care of it because she is a small puppy and sometimes they do need extra attention,” pet store employee Linda Wirtz told Orlando TV station WESH-TV. “I hope she’s okay,” she added.

The Bichon was being sold for $900, which makes this a grand theft case.

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Just Puppies is offering a reward of $500 for the puppy’s safe return.

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