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Kate Gosselin Thanks Hackers On Her Twitter Page For Becoming Her Cyber Bodyguards!

Kate Gosselin has turned to the most unlikely protectors for help in dealing with her on-line critics– alleged hackers!

The mother-of-eight shared a little cyber love on Valentines day with Mad British Guy and Anonym0usNL, who claimed they had hacked the reality star’s critics and haters.

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Gosselin tweeted Thursday: “It’s all about LOVE here today, (&everyday now) thanks to @MadBritishGuy and @Anonym0usNL !! Bring on the love,
everyone! I’m feeling it:)”

Mad British Guy’s Twitter profile says he is a “DOX Master,” which is Internet slang for outing personal information such as names, addresses, credit card and social security numbers, and then posting them online,  writer Jessica Carlson revealed.

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Anonym0usNL seemed pleased with Kate’s show of support and responded:  “Have a very nice day <3 And if needed we you can contact us anytime.”

But not everyone liked the idea of the 37-year-old reality star mingling on-line with alleged lawbreakers.

After getting a little heat from some of her 129,000 followers, Kate later tweeted her hacker friends asking them to tone down the tough talk.

Reported Carlson, Kate then wrote, “Hey @Anonym0usNL and @MadBritishGuy love u but can u tone down ur language on here 4 me,my crowd of moms&kids?(not trying 2 b UR moms,but..).”

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