Bony Neck, Stick Legs & No Butt! Denise Richards Tries To Hide Scary Skinny Body

Denise Richards needs to eat a cheeseburger – or a dozen of them!

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, who usually flaunts covetable curves complete with a bangin’ booty and bombshell boobs, continued to show off what appears to be drastic weight loss on Wednesday, looking scary skinny in baggy clothes, and has the shocking photos.

PHOTOS: Denise Richards Reveals Scary Skinny Body

Her suddenly too-thin physique was partially hidden underneath an oversized sweatshirt and baggy boyfriend style jeans, but the 41-year-old turned heads for the wrong reason as she took her daughter, Eloise Joni to a doctor in Santa Monica.

While her exposed bony neck and clavicle were the most shocking images, her stick-thin legs and diminished backside were also jarring.

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Over the weekend, Denise debuted her scary skinny look – most notably her painfully thin arms – wearing a tank top and jeans, while out with her daughters in Los Angeles.

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