Don’t Give Up The Day Job Kris! Humphries Mercilessly Mocked By Fans Over Cringe-Worthy New Ad

Kim Kardashian‘s ex Kris Humphries mocks himself in a new Foot Locker commercial, which has fans of the NBA pro saying, “Don’t quit your day job!” – and you can see the commercial on

The commercial features Houston Rockets player James Harden banishing one of his friends to Kris’ entourage as a punishment for not having Foot Locker’s latest kicks on.

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“You remember what happened to Maurice…” one of James’ pals says in the ad.

“I traded him to Kris Humphries’ entourage,” James says.

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The commercial then shows Kris standing in front of a full-length mirror with one of Kris’ entourage telling him, “You know what I see in that mirror? A changed man.”

“What do you see, Maurice?” Kris asks.

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“I see a guy. A cool guy,” Maurice answers.

“Yeah…cool guy,” Kris nods.

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It’s not Kris’ first attempt in front of the camera — he did a Funny or Die video in December that was just as cringe-worthy.

“AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA the new footlocker commercial made Kris Humphries look like such a douche!!,” one fan tweeted. “Even footlocker knows hes a tool!!”

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Another tweeter wrote, “Prob knows he gonna get made fun of anyways. Might as well make $!”

But not all the fans were as critical, with one tweeting, “for some strange reason people hate Kris Humphries but he is actually in a new pretty funny Footlocker commercial.”

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And Kris is proud of his commercial, tweeting on Wednesday afternoon, “Boom! Just debuted my new @footlocker commercial with @jharden13! Check it out #approved.”

What do you think of Kris’ commercial? Sound off below.

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