Is Tom Too Busy For Suri?

While Suri Cruise may want to live with her father and Tom Cruise‘s lawyer Bert Fields has said that Tom would never “abandon” Suri, the truth is that Tom has never been one to relax and put his career on hold.

Most stars might do one movie at a time and then take a vacation, but Tom has said, “I’d like to do that, but I can’t.” He tends to make movies at a ruthless pace, often back to back — or even simultaneously.

He recently wrapped filming on Oblivion, but he’s also doing postproduction on Jack Reacher, a movie based on the popular book series by Lee Child, and he’s in preproduction for a new Doug Liman film, All You Need Is Kill.

He also has more than 10 films in various stages of existence in the near future, including such highly anticipated sequels as Mission: Impossible 5 and Top Gun 2.

Unless he clears his schedule, spending extensive quality time with Suri may be more like Mission: Impossible 6!

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