Roll In The Mud With A Hillbilly At The Red Neck Resort!

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

A new vacation spot is encouraging guests to really get down and dirty, and has photos of the hillbilly holiday haven.

Aptly named the Redneck Resort Mud Park, the business venture is the brainchild of Sweetwater, Tennessee developer Jeff Darragh who decided he could finally make some money from the locals who constantly tore across his fields on all-terrain vehicles and motorbikes.

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“There were people out here all the time trying to drive their ATV and motorcycles on it.  They were jumping on those tracks over there and I’m constantly telling them, ‘Hey man, you can’t do that,'” he explained, according to a report on

“Then it dawned on me, just charge them. Just tell all your friends to come.”

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Featuring camping, swimming holes, mud pits, trucks tug-of-war, and even a giant slip and slip, the resort boasts of having the “biggest and baddest truck and ATV/UTV pits in the state,” which is the perfect fit for the target market. “The last true American is a redneck,” Darragh explained.

After dark, Club Mud offers drinking and music for the adult guests to wind down from a hard day of driving.

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True to its Southern roots, the resort is keeping it in the family, with relative Chloe Darragh pitching its soggy appeal. “We got mud, we got dirt. We’ve got everything. We’ve got 4-wheelers, ATVs. People having a good ole time,” she told WLVT.

Meanwhile, manning the 24-foot slide is Joleen Darragh, who explained: “I am a Mud Girl. I go around and get people to come to the swimming hole. And just to stir up the fun.”

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After its official launch last month, the resort plans to be open just eight times a year, a weekend at a time.


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