Meet The Beverly Hills Nannies!

In a world where moms have playdates on Rodeo Drive, demand that all snacks be vegan and buy Burberry onesies for their babies (then scream when they’re not properly ironed), only the strong survive.

Kristin Lancione learned that through years of watching the children of the Hollywood elite, and the new reality series Beverly Hills Nannies follows Kristin as she opens an exclusive nanny-placement agency, matching her charges with the most demanding families in 90210. “There are girls, there are straight guys, there are gay men — all of them are covered in our nanny group,” explains Amanda Averill, a Wisconsin transplant who has been obsessed with babysitting since childhood and moved to L.A. last November. Needless to say, she wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

“The mom I watch for is born and bred in Beverly Hills,” Amanda tells Star. “I don’t think she’s ever painted her own fingernails! Our dynamic is hysterical, because I’m not into glitz and glam.”

And then there’s Scott Cartmill, a hunky Australian who dreams of movie stardom while being a “manny” for the three kids of model Cindy Margolis — one of the celebrities on the show, along with Lindsay Faulk (estranged wife of NFL star Marshall) and Tricia Fisher (half sister of Carrie). “It’s not something I strived to be, but it’s the path life has taken,” says Scott. “I don’t mind the nickname manny, but I’ve coined one of my own. I call myself a child wrangler.”

Each au pair brings his or her own style to the show. For Amanda, it’s about not being afraid to set boundaries. “In this day and age, a lot of parents let the child run the household,” she explains. “I am very practical. You can’t have cake for dinner.”

Meanwhile, Scott takes a more masculine approach. “I look at it from a rough-and-tumble perspective, where I understand kids need to fall down,” says the manny, who, it should be noted, also does stunt work in his spare time. “It’s all part of the experience.”

This is a bizarre world to be sure, but some things stay the same, regardless of the zip code. The first is the kids. “The children are amazing,” gushes Amanda. “They are truly the same in all the states I’ve lived. They just want to have fun and be loved.”

The second is that a good nanny is always ready in case of emergency. For Scott. that means carrying Band- Aids and Neosporin (naturally) — but Amanda has a different take. “Every nanny needs baby wipes,” she says. “Well, baby wipes and coffee.”

Beverly Hills Nannies premieres Wednesday, July 11, at 9PM on ABC Family.

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