Jessica Simpson’s Body Crisis!

It’s been two months since Jessica Simpson gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, and yet, according to fitness experts, she still looks to be at least 182 lbs. For a woman whose body has been a major part of her success, Jessica is traumatized by her surplus size. And friends say she has reached a breaking point in her struggle to lose the baby weight.

While no new mom should be expected to be superslim so soon after giving birth, Jessica, 32, is actually getting paid — to the tune of a reported $4 million — to shed 70 lbs. within a year: She inked a deal with Weight Watchers while she was expecting.

“Jess ate her way through the pregnancy, gorging on all her favorite junk foods,” a friend says. “She just assumed, wrongly, she now realizes, that the weight would peel off. But it’s not happening. She is freaking out.”

Jessica’s postbaby weight-loss routine includes regular workouts with trainer to the stars Harley Pasternak at Bodiworx Health & Fitness in Los Angeles as well as dieting. But friends say she’s having trouble committing to both. After ballooning to more than 200 lbs. at the end of her pregnancy, she’s finding the whole experience exhausting — and ineffective.

“When Jess stepped on her scale and realized that, after losing 20 lbs., her weight had shot back up by 15 lbs., she threw a huge fit,” the insider reveals. “She picked up the scale and threw it against the wall, then she collapsed on the bed in tears.”

Like many new mothers, Jessica’s emotions are running high these days. Sources close to the Fashion Star mentor say that, on top of all the stress she’s feeling about getting her body back, she’s also coping with “a serious case of postbaby blues.”

These mood swings, common among new moms, have caused her energy to flag — which makes it hard for her to motivate herself to exercise. “Jess is lost in her own world right now. She zones out for hours, watching cheesy reality TV and going to weightloss chat forums on the Internet, trolling for support,” the source reports.

“Her stomach is growling constantly because she’s hungry; she’s in a terrible mood because she’s starving most of the time. Jess is having trouble sleeping, and she’s struggling with the aches and pains of getting back into exercise after being sedentary for so long.”

Pick up this week’s Star for more details!

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