Oh No! 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

By Radar Staff

How embarrassing!

Hollywood’s hottest stars are usually perfectly put together at all times, but every now and then even the rich and famous experience embarrassment with sinful style slip-ups. RadarOnline.com has photos of 10 really embarrassing celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

Elizabeth Taylor would have never exposed her assets! Channeling the big screen legend while filming her Lifetime movie, Lindsay Lohan revealed more than just acting skills when her top slipped up exposing her nipple!

PHOTOS: 10 Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Be careful when wearing short skirts, Demi Lovato! The X Factor judge recently had a stage style slip-up, exposing herself to a crowd of people.

Rita Ora has also style-sinned on the stage, wearing a bustier bra top several sizes too small that couldn’t control her assets.

Moons over Jersey Shore! Deena Cortese experienced a bikini booty blunder, revealing her backside after getting hit by a wave.

Which other Hollywood stars have experienced embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions? Find out by clicking here.

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