Reese Gets Some Action In ‘This Means War’

It’s not easy being torn between two hunky CIA agents. Or maybe it is for Reese Witherspoon who plays the ultimate object of affection in This Means War.

In this romantic/bromantic action-comedy, two dashing BFF CIA studs meet the girl of their dreams — but she happens to be the same girl.

The romantic guy, Tuck (Tom Hardy), and lady-killer FDR (Chris Pine) go to war for the attention of Lauren (Witherspoon). It’s spy vs. spy as the lovestruck guys use the tricks of their trade to sabotage each other’s dates with her.

Hardy and Pine have terrific comic chemistry (and both of them make sparks with Witherspoon), but the humor takes a backseat to the overwrought action, with director McG blowing things up and shooting off lots of weapons in contrived set pieces that never generate tension. As a result, this movie never gets off the ground.

Long Story Short: Too much destruction to keep the comedy intact!

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