Now That’s An Embarrassing Situation! Sorrentino Exposes His Feelings … And Then Some

By Radar Staff

Someone get this guy a pair of briefs — STAT!

The Situation showed off more than his famed abs on Thursday’s edition of Jersey Shore, as his genitals inadvertently slipped out of his pants while he confronted his castmates over the collective cold shoulder they’ve been giving him.

“Your drawers are down!” J-WOWW told The Situation, who’d been moaning about the unrest at home throughout the episode.

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The Sitch — who previously expressed how his feelings were hurt by a series of snubs from his castmates — told Snooki, “I’ve been nice as hell to everybody this year” — a comment she immediately had a rebuttal for.

Snooki reminded him of the time he bragged: “I like being the villain” before asking him: “So how the f**k can we trust you?  You’re f**king crazy.”

The Sitch later admitted he was “very confused” on who was poisoning the well against him: his male roommates, or Snooki and Deena.

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“Who’s telling the truth and who’s lying?” he wondered, until coming to the conclusion the troublemaker was Snooki.

At that point, he summoned another proven troublemaker: his pal The Unit, who clashed with Snooki in a previous episode over the alleged tryst she had with The Situation while dating her boyfriend Jionni.

Explained Pauly D: “At this moment, Mike is planning to get her back and tell Jionni some deep dark secrets. He’s going to let The Unit know and set up Jionni somehow.”

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Other plot developments Thursday included Snooki accidentally urinating on the dance floor at a club; and a re-charged Vinny returning to the house.

The cliffhanger continues when Jersey Shore returns Thursday on MTV at 10/9c.

Watch the, thankfully censored, video of The Situation’s crotch flash on




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