Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Jose Baez Officially Quits

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Casey Anthony’s lead defense attorney Jose Baez is officially off her legal team.

Baez filed his notice of withdrawal on Tuesday, and his name as “Lead Attorney” is crossed out on the Orange County Clerk of Courts website.

No one else was listed as an attorney.

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As has previously reported, Casey has released videos and pictures since her acquittal where she shows off her new hairdo, a nose ring, her dog, but never once has mentioned her deceased daughter Caylee Anthony, who she stood trial for murdering.

She is currently serving probation stemming from her check fraud conviction and is living in Florida at an undisclosed location.  As  we also previously reported, Casey has been out in public at restaurants, bars and even at a church.

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The 25-year-old is also reportedly dating a new man, but she has not been spotted publicly recently.

Jose Baez is facing two Florida bar complaints from the Casey Anthony case, and according to the Orlando Sentineal one “involves his failure to share discovery information with the prosecution as the trial loomed.”

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