Say Cheese! Even Stunning Celebrities Take Bad Photos

By Radar Staff

Hollywood stars are just like us — they don’t always take a pretty picture!

With the help of hairstylists and makeup artists, these sexy celebs usually look beyond beautiful in photographs, but sometimes the camera doesn’t catch their best angle. has ten shocking bad photos of your favorite stars that they probably don’t want you to see!

PHOTOS: Stunning Celebrities Who Have Taken Really Bad Photos

Even the “Sexiest Woman of All Time”, Jennifer Aniston, has a bad moment in front of the camera! The former Friend, whose looks scored her the #1 spot on Men’s Heath annual list, was not living up to her sexy status when she was recently photographed making a sour and somewhat scary face.

Britney Spears has definitely had more than a few unflattering moments caught on camera. The sassy singer, who often steps out without any makeup on, has been known to let loose and express herself in bizarre ways in front of shutterbugs.

Kate Gosselin has plenty of experience in front of a camera from years of reality show stardom, but even a pro can take a bad photo.

Lindsay Lohan has a million reasons to stay sober – and taking bad photographs is definitely one of them!  The scandalous starlet has been snapped several times looking not-so-sober, which is never a good look on her.

What other stars have been snapped looking not so glamorous? Find out by clicking here.

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