Charles Barkley Mocks The NBA And Weight Watchers On SNL

Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and the slimmed down former basketball star hit several three-pointers in his opening monologue.

“Ever since I left, the NBA has been crap and everybody’s gone broke,” Sir Charles said to great applause.

Looking great after losing 38 pounds, Barkley didn’t shy away from the topic of being a spokesman for Weight Watchers. “It works for me.  I just have one problem.  I am starving!” he said straight-faced.

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The legendary big man added that he also has no problem “endorsing a feminine product.”  His next deal, he joked, is a line of women’s pant suits for Ann Taylor.

This was Barkley’s third time hosting SNL.  It won’t be his last.

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You can watch his monologue here.


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