Mother Shoots Her Baby At Point Blank Range, Kills Herself – Her Older Kids And Boyfriend Found Dead

By Radar Staff

An Illinois mother shot and killed her 10-month-old baby daughter at point blank range while a horrified neighbor looked on. She then turned the gun on herself in a chilling murder-suicide that left five people dead.

Sara McMeen
, 30, was found dead at her home in the small farming town of Emington on Friday afternoon.

Livingston County Coroner Michael Burke said that the woman’s two older children; Skyler Lemke, 8, Ian Lemke, 7, and her live-in boyfriend, Daniel Warren, 29, had been murdered as well. Warren was the father of McMeen’s infant daughter Maggie.

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Sheriff Martin Meredith revealed that a semi-automatic pistol was recovered at the scene and called the situation “very gut-wrenching.”

A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, told the Pontiac Daily Reader that she heard around five gunshots around 2.30pm and ran outside to see what was going on.

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“I saw my neighbor in the back yard and she was wrapping her baby daughter in a blanket on the ground,” the woman recalled. “At first I thought maybe she had been startled and dropped her daughter. I asked her if everything was OK. She said, ‘No, everything is not OK.’

“She was standing over the baby and she bent at the waist and shot point-blank. I instinctively ran. I just couldn’t believe it.”

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Neighbors revealed that the young family had only moved into the area a few months ago and that while the children were delightful, they heard arguments sometimes between the two adults.

The investigation is continuing.


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