Woman Files Assault Complaint Against Matthew Fox

By Radar Staff

The Cleveland, Ohio woman who claims Matthew Fox repeatedly punched her last week has filed an assault complaint against the Lost star and prosecutors must now decide whether they intend to press charges against the actor and prosecutors will ultimately decide whether to press charges against the actor.

Regardless, Heather Bormann, 29, says she’s going to file a civil suit against Fox.

“He hit me and he should pay the consequences of assaulting a woman,”  Bormann told Fox 8 Cleveland after filling out a statement about the August 28 incident at the Cleveland City Prosecutor’s Office Tuesday. “Right now, it’s considered a civil matter and that’s why he was ultimately released Sunday morning, so I would have to press charges.”

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Bormann, according to the police report, claims Fox “tried to board a private party bus that she was driving,” and things went awry when she “got up from the driver’s seat and blocked the entrance,” at which point she claims Fox hit her “in the chest and stomach area.”

“It was all within maybe a minute from me noticing him to fists flying,” Bormann — who says she fought back at the former Party of Five star — told Fox 8. “It was like a minute, if that.”

Bormann said she had to wear an ace bandage on her hand because, “When I punched him, I hurt my hand.”

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CNN reports that the prosecutor’s office photographed bruises on Bormann’s legs and arms that she said she suffered at Fox’s hands.

Bormann said celebrities like Fox “need to refrain from the alcohol, definitely, when they know they’re in the limelight … they should refrain from that.”

So far, Fox has not yet publicly commented on the incident.


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