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Facebook’s Bad Poetry

Hey there Facebook fans. We liked your poems so much (I mean, they were as terrible as we could have hoped) that we’re showcasing all the entries we got. Take a look below to see your awesome poetry immortalized forever!


Tiffany Stanowski

Charlie Sheen smokes crack
hooker in new york stole watch
He say, “duh winning”


Meir Calloway

Giant head boy from “Mask”
He grew up, made good for himself
He married singer Katy Perry


Cam Pil

Anne Hathaway tryin to steal the day with the wack on crack her voice left no choice skip the channel to ID criminal


Sherri Veazey

Lady GaGa sat on her YaYa and realized she will never be a mama


Anthony Cutaia

Christine O’Donelle,
Y U no answer morgan?!
Nobody likes you.