Dance Moms Take The Stage & Cathy Steals The Solo

By Amber GoodhandRadar Reporter

The tables are turned on this weeks episode of Dance Moms as it’s the mothers that take the stage – but one mother upsets the others when she creates her own solo and has a sneak peek of all the drama.

The newest mother at the Abby Lee Dance Studio is Cathy and she is already rubbing the other mothers up the wrong way, so when they unite for a dance routine and she steals the spotlight, tempers fly.

“She changed the dance! She’s doing a solo out there,” Abby says in disbelief as she watches backstage. “What is she doing? She’s trying to upstage everyone!”

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Dance mom Kelly gets particularly angry and says: “She got us totally messed up. That b**ch! I’m gonna kick her ass.

“Cathy f**king used us so she could audition for the Broadway talent scout. Good luck to you Cathy. I hope you enjoy playing Auntie Mame on Broadway!”

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Christi, who has two daughters in Abby’s dance school said: “Cathy was in her little candy apple heaven!”

“Cathy knew that Caesar was in the audience and she made us look like idiots out there,” Kelly huffed.

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To find out whether or not Cathy gets an invite to Broadway, watch Dance Moms Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.


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