Artist Dan Lacey Paints Surreal Casey Anthony Portraits

By Radar Staff

Casey Anthony hasn’t been seen in the weeks since her controversial first degree murder acquittal, but that hasn’t stopped artist Dan Lacey from turning out a series of portraits of the Florida woman.

Lacey, a Minnesota artist who shot to fame during the 2008 election with his paintings of Barack Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin — all wearing pancakes on their heads (!!) — has also interpreted Amy Winehouse and Betty White with his oils.

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He turned out four surreal Casey Anthony paintings, all of them show her nude and three of them include a roll of duct tape.

During her murder trial, prosecutors maintained that Casey killed her daughter Caylee by wrapping her face with duct tape, suffocating the two-year-old.

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Anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to law enforcement.  Her attorney is appealing.

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