Casey Anthony Verdict Is ‘Stunning’ – Says Famed LA Prosecutor

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Casey Anthony’s stunning not guilty verdict in connection with the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee is “absolutely shocking,” famed Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, Danette Meyers, tells exclusively.

Speaking to during the lunch recess of a murder trial that Meyers is currently working on, the prosecutor tells us: “The verdict is totally contrary to the evidence I heard, I’m absolutely floored. I respect the jury’s verdict, but I want to know how they reached that decision. It’s truly stunning.” Meyers has not worked on the Casey Anthony trial but has handled many high profile cases, including Lindsay Lohan.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of Murder Of Daughter

Meyers, who is running to become the head District Attorney in Los Angeles, says there is a chance that Casey, who was found guilty on four counts of lying to police could be set free on Thursday at the sentencing hearing. “Ms. Anthony has been in jail for some time, leading up to the trial, and the maximum amount of time she can face behind bars is four years. The judge could release her on Thursday, because of time that she has already served. I’m not intimately familiar with Florida sentencing laws, but there is a real possibility that Ms. Anthony could be a free woman on Thursday,” Meyers says.

“The prosecution obviously believed that Ms. Anthony was guilty of murdering her daughter, or else they wouldn’t have filed charges against her. There is nothing more the district attorney in Orlando can do as far as Casey Anthony is concerned regarding the murder of Caylee. Even if new evidence became available that implicates Ms. Anthony, she has been acquitted on murder charges, and she can’t be tried again,” Meyers states.


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